Leta Serafim was a journalist at the Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau before moving to Greece, where she taught art and illustrated books. Upon her return to the United States, she wrote feature stories for the Boston Globe before trying her hand at fiction. She continues to spend her summers in Greece.

Inspector Patronas delves deep into the history of a family on the Greek island of Spetses, only to uncover a secret that has festered for years and finally resulted in murder. This book is also available on Amazon.

Read the fabulous children’s story, Molly Saw a Bear, written by Leta Serafim and illustrated by Casey Gerber. This delightful book is available on Amazon.

Other Books By Leta Serafim

Greek Island Mysteries Series (click on any of the covers to purhcase on Amazon)

A Story Of Bravery In The Face of Atrocity

In autumn of 1943, a lone allied soldier parachutes into Greece. His stated goal: to build an airstrip for the British. Brendon O’Malley is an Irishman, and he soon discovers that fighting the Nazis is not the same as embracing the British, who have seriously misled him about his mission. 

All of these books and more are available on Amazon!